1. At present we are providing supply, installation, commissioning of the complete systems as described on our website within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane city areas only. It is our endeavor to update the list on regular basis by adding latest products with new state of art features to benefits our customers.


  1. We do not provide only installation of the systems procured directly by the customers.


  1. We deal in the genuine products of OEM which are covered under the warranty from various companies and we extend the same to our customers. Our final invoice of major products like cameras, DVR, NVR, HDD, monitor etc. will be the serial numbers of equipment to claim the warranty by us in case of any eventualities.


  1. The complete system comes with one year standard warranty on the products supplied from the date of installation of commissioning handing over or 13 months from the date of supply of materials at site whichever is earlier. During the period of warranty, any fault occurring in the system shall be rectified free of cost. This however does not include any physical damage, burning or damage arising out of misuse, improper handling, poor power conditions and rodents menace.


  1. The installation services are provided on working days from 10.00 hrs.to 18:00 hrs. from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays, Sundays etc. It is our endeavor to complete the site in above mentioned time period however in certain cases if the site availability is unavailable & the job gets delayed due to customer then the overtime @ Rs 75/hour + 18% GST shall be charged extra on and above the total cost of the package for the extended hours of working.


  1. The customer shall keep the site ready for the installation purpose as prior decided and agreed with the service/ installation team of our company.


  1. The customer shall arrange and provide ladder, step ladders at site for the installation and maintenance of CCTV camera at height.


  1. The package price comes with the fixed running meter length of the cable. Any additional running meter of CCTV/CAT6 cable on and above the package quantity shall be charged at Rs 70/meter + 18 % GST of cable which includes supply and laying of full copper RG59 CCTV cable.


  1. The mobile programming for the DVR/NVR, WIFI cameras are covered under standard installation at no extra charge.


  1. It is recommended that for the DVR/NVR type installations, the customer should have an internet router at site with one spare Ethernet (RJ45) type port for connecting it with DVR/NVR. At present, most of the DVR/NVR does not directly support WIFI, for this purpose, it is recommended to keep & install DVR/NVR close to router as we have covered 1.5 meter LAN patch cord for this purpose. In case if there is a distance more than 1.5 meters between DVR/NVR and WIFI ROUTER then the additional D LINK CAT6 cable  supply, wiring, laying @ Rs 70/meter + 18% GST shall be charged extra on or above the cost of the package.


  1. As the supplied system is HD (High Definition) or IP (Internet protocol ) type DVR/NVR, WIFI cameras hence minimum 2 Mbps ( Megabits/second) UPLAOD speed of internet is required at site where DVR/NVR/WIFI cameras are going to be installed for seamless view on mobile or laptop from any part of the world.


  1. Our customer is recommended to carry out the speed test of his/her internet at site. Please ensure that your mobile is connected with your WIFI network whose internet speed you are going to test. For speed test of your internet connection at site, customer is requested to download a free app “SPEEDTEST” from PLAY STORE. Open SPEED TEST APP and press GO button, check the download and upload speed of your network. Please remember the UPLOAD speed is important for the CCTV WIFI camera, DVR, NVR etc. which should be minimum 2 MBPS. The DVR/NVR/WIFI cameras are required to upload the live views/videos to internet hence the UPLOAD speed is important. 2 Mbps is the minimum recommended speed, in case if you have more than 2 MBPS speed then you will enjoy the HD views at much faster speed without any buffering.


  1. You can also do the speed test of your mobile data in a similar way for this purpose, you just have to disable WIFI and run the speed test for mobile data.


  1. Most of the WIIFI CCTV cameras supports 4G HOTSPOT hence in case if you do not have the router as mentioned above then also you can run your WIFI camera with mobile hotspot or 4G dongle, just carryout the speed test and PAIR your WIFI cameras as per the given procedure of installation. In this case, you will have to keep your dongle always ON at place where your WIFI camera is installed if you wish to view it from any part of the world from mobile/laptop.


  1. While viewing your site from any part of the world, your mobile should be connected to any WIFI network with internet or at least 4G data should be available on your mobile. You may check the speed of this internet network on your mobile with SPEED TEST. Remember, here the download speed of the internet of WIFI or mobile data is important as you are downloading CCTV live view/videos from site on your mobile/LAPTOP etc.


  1. For HD camera, we have considered a standard RG59 3+1 CCTV copper cable of reputed make in our package which can go up to 200 meters for CCTV camera from DVR, In case if the distance from CCTV camera to DVR is more than 200 meters then it recommended installing RG6 coaxial cable for which the additional cost of Rs 20/meter + 18 % GST shall be extra. Please note that the RG6 is only a coaxial cable which will be used for video hence the client shall be required to provide a power supply socket of 230VAC near the camera to power the camera through 230VAC to 12 VDC adaptors.
  2. It is our always our endeavor to complete and handover the system to our customer in least possible time keeping all the qualities checks of installation in place. The standard delivery and installation for the CCTV system is as defined below.




Once the order is placed on us for the supply, installation and commissioning, it will take nearly 3 to 4 working days to process to deliver the material at site.




  • For system with 1-4 camera and DVR/NVR: 1-2 working days
  • For system with 4-8 camera and DVR/NVR: 3-4 working days
  • For system with 8-16 camera and DVR/NVR: 7-9 working days.
  • For system with 16-32 camera and DVR/NVR: 12 to 15 working days
  • For system with 32-128 cameras NVR IP system: nearly 20 to 40 days depending on site conditions
  • For site under construction / architect work: Depending on site conditions.
  •  For single WIFI camera without wiring: 1-2 days
  • For WIFI cameras with wiring: 3-4 days depending on the site condition.