FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)/ INSTALLATION GUIDE


Q1: What is CCTV stands for?

A1: CCTV stands for Close Circuit Television. It means that only the authorized people in close group who have the user name and password can access the CCTV for live view, recording and to make any changes in the system.
A system without any password becomes open system hence it is recommended to customer to have a strict password of your DVR/NVR or mobile APP from where you are viewing your system otherwise a system without any password becomes open system and your cameras are visible to others.

Q2: What are HD cameras?

A2: HD stands for High definition in technical terms 1.0 Mega pixel (1280 x 720) , 1.3 Mega pixels ( 960 x 480), 2.0 Mega pixels (1920 x 1080) known as 1080 p (p stands for progressive scanning) is the resolution of camera and defines its quality of picture/videos. 1.0 MP is termed as HD READY whereas 2.0 MP is popularly known as FULL HD. There are HD cameras available with 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 MP resolutions in market.Higher resolution means higher and better picture quality. The higher resolution also requires more storage space in hard disk. The higher resolution required more light.

There are mainly three formats of HD on which most of the manufacturers operate
CVI: Panasonic, Dahua, CP PLUS
AHD: Analogue HD: All other OEMS like Videocon, Active Pixel etc.
CVBS: Is analogue mode (old generation)
Now days, most of the new DVR supports all above mentioned formats. They are called 5 in 1 DVR. It means this DVR supports TVI (Turbo), CVI, AHD, analogue (CVBS) and IP camera depending on models. If you purchase a DVR of 1 MP, 5 in 1 it will support any camera of different makes working on different video formats as mentioned above. Please note that if a camera is more than 1.0 MP then the DVR may not support.
If a new DVR model is 2.0 MP and having 5 in 1 capacity will support any format of camera from 1.0, 1.3 and 2 MP. Pease check the model number and specifications of camera and DVR for this purpose.

Q3: How may days of recording / Hard disk size calculations?

A3: Generally, on a continuous recording mode, a 2.0 MP CCTV camera shall requires approximately 24 GB/day space in hard disk, 1.0 MP CCTV camera shall require 12 GB /day with H.264 compression of DVR. In DVR, there is a function to record only on movement which can provide a recording in months depending on movement in front of CCTV camera.

1. Night vision is automatic, when sufficient lux level of light is not available to CCTV camera, the IR LED of CCTV camera turns on automatically. The night vision is always black & white.
2. The standard lens size of CCTV camera is 3.6 mm which provides angle of view up to 70 degree.
3. The IR distance is 20 meters for night vision.
4. The CCTV bullet camera is weatherproof meeting standard of IP66 and more.
5. The bullet camera is used to mount outdoor whereas dome camera is for indoor purpose.
6. The DVR shall be plastic or metal body depending on make/model.
7. The cable shall be RG 59 type CCTV 3 +1 full copper cable of reputed make.
8. The hard disk is surveillance type meant for 24X7 continuous recording of either SEGATE or WESTERN DIGITAL or TOSHIBA.
9. The monitor shall be LG or ACER or SAMSUNG or equivalent make.
10. The wiring shall be through PVC conduit or casing Patti surface type.
11. The site should be ready for the installation by client at pre-defined time during working hours.
12. The provision of step ladder at site shall be in the scope of customer.
13. The site shall be handed over in presence of owner/authorized members on pre-defined date and time.
14. It is responsibility of customer to provide an active internet connection at site for DVR, NVR with WIFI router near DVR for mobile viewing.
15. Most of the DVR supports CLOUD (P2P) hence there is no need of STATIC IP to be purchased from the internet service provider which generally costs Rs 1500-2000/ year depending on the service provider.
16. For the faster access and quick opening ensure 2 MBPS “UPLOAD” speed of internet at the place where DVR/NVR is installed.
17. Mobile APP for various make is as follows.


18. The system comes with standard one year warranty from the date of installation and handing or 13 months from the date of supply of the system site whichever is earlier.During the period of warranty, any fault occurring in the system shall be rectified/repaired free of cost. This however does not include any physical damage or damage arising out of misuse, improper handling, poor power conditions or rodents menace.